I love to create vibrant images that are completely, genuinely you.

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or you’ve been in the game for a while, I’ll help you with everything from picking your outfit to designing a shoot that best reflects yourself and your brand. Let’s go make your new favorite photo!

About Emily

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Emily Kim Photography clients...

... are go-getting, list-making CEOs
... want to stand out from the crowd of stock photos
... desire images that connect with their audience
... need help feeling confident in front of the camera

Both of us are tall and awkward and not the best at being in front of the camera lens, but Emily made the whole event enjoyable and took the best photos of us I have ever seen."

Erin Says:

Why I love It

My Story

The beginnings

I've always had a camera in hand, but I started professional photography in 2014. While completing my MBA at The University of Alabama, I took graduation photos on the side to pay for tuition. I worked with 57 graduating seniors that semester, and it was an absolute joy to be able to create photos that celebrate their biggest accomplishments yet.


Nowadays, I work closely with entrepreneurs to create photos that celebrate their businesses and livelihood! My background in business and advertising helps us craft your photo strategy. I'll  plan and create lifestyle imagery that is in line with your mission and marketing strategy, teach you how to be confident in front of the camera,  and make it fun while we're at it!

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