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Have you ever struggled with:

Stock photography that’ll sell your offer and grow your audience, forever and ever. (and ever)

Finding stock photos that actually fit your aesthetic?

Taking and editing your own pictures, only to realize that they *still* don’t work?

Having enough content to post between brand shoots?

Feeling confident using stock photography across all platforms, not just social media?

Don't worry, we've all been there.

The EK Stock Shop offers light, bright and clean stock photos that’ll match your brand, and make your content creation process a breeze. No subscription required.

You can use your stock photos to...

Create content and graphics for Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more

Add visual interest to digital downloads you have to sell and share

Make a cute, eye-catching background for your Instagram stories

Market your business and services on your website and blog

Send eye-catching emails to your email list

All for just $7 a photo. Because we love a good deal 💁🏻‍♀️

- Kirsten

"Not only are the images from the EK Stock Shop *actually* on brand and aesthetically pleasing, but they make the process of creating content and marketing for my business so much simpler. Gone are the days of not knowing what photos to pair with which Instagram posts, emails, blogs or even digital downloads - with the EK Stock Shop, I have the best variety of images possible, right at my fingertips."

I’m Emily, your resident brand photographer, dog lover, and creative-studio-runner (is that even a word?). Feel free to check me out and make sure I’m not crazy on Instagram

How rude of me...

Have we met yet?

Save yourself time and energy when choosing and creating content - no editing required

Grab some filler pictures when you’re in-between brand sessions

Grow your image library without having to book a brand shoot right away

Stop worrying about taking “branded” photos on your own time

What happens when you purchase EK Stock Photos?

You'll be able to:

That’s the idon’tknowwhattopostandnow
ineedaphototopost panic subsiding 😉

Feel that?

Want to see the photos before you purchase? No problem. Browse The EK Stock Shop first, and use the code BUNDLE5 to bundle and save 25% when you purchase 5 or more images!

Browse before you buy

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Stock photos that *actually* fit your aesthetic

Easily downloadable, ready to use web-sized pictures

A pay-as-you-go model, so you can purchase individual photos, or bundle them for a bit of savings 

A limited commercial license (for use in organic content - social media, your website, blog, email list, Pinterest, and in your digital downloads)

Okay, fine. But what does The EK Stock Shop even include?

Are you in, or are you IN?

Your dream photos are only a couple of PSLs away. Or maybe a few. 

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Check out my FAQs

Uhhh wait, I have a few questions… 

Where can I use my stock photos?

Alllll across your organic content, which means your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest (and really any social media), email marketing, blog and site, just not in paid advertising! 

How much do they cost?

Images are $7 a pop, but you can bundle 5 and save 25%, or 10 and save 50% (use code BUNDLE10). A steal, if you ask me 💁‍♀️

How do I download my stock photos?

When you enter the shop, you can add images to your cart. From there, you can check out and purchase your images. A link to download will be emailed to you after purchase. This link expires in 7 days. Your purchased images will not contain a watermark.

How long can I use my stock photos for?

Once you purchase your stock photos, they’re yours to use and repurpose across your organic content, forever! 

How often are new images added to the EK Stock Shop?

Images will be added roughly once per quarter, to account for seasonality and new themes! If you want exclusive and first access (and input) on quarterly drops, make sure to join my email list!

What is the image resolution/size?

Each image is 2400px wide, which just so happens to be perfect for digital use.

- viennelyn

"I love the stock photos. Thank you so much."

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